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Baird MacGregor is the appointed exclusive broker for the Pitcher & Doyle PREFERRED DEALER PROTECTION PROGRAM in the Greater Toronto area.

In your business, controlling costs is as important to your bottom line as increasing sales. Studies show that 70% of losses that occur in dealerships are preventable with proper attention to loss control. Alleviate the hidden costs of insurance claims. Time spent by staff on administration. Lost sales due to lost or damaged inventory or premises. Potential loss of goodwill and profit involving customer claims. Less losses reduce your future insurance premiums. Our Loss Control Specialists recommend ways to decrease or even eliminate exposures to loss in a timely and cost effect manner.

A customized program of Loss Control that affects numerous areas of your operation:

  • Demonstrator Exposure, Dealer Plates, Key Control, Leasing
  • Dealership Property & Inventory
  • Shop Operations, Dealership Security and Business/Premises Liability
  • Employment Related Practices

In addition to lower insurance costs, no cost premium financing is available. You can save more money if you sign up for monthly payments with no finance charge.

Our highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals provide the expertise to accurately assess your unique insurance requirements and provide customized insurance coverage under the program. Cost control through Loss Control.

For more information go to A recognized leader backed by over 30 years of experience in North America, providing marketing, loss control, underwriting and administrative services.



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