Used Car Dealerships

In 1994, Baird MacGregor identified Used Car Dealers as a segment of the insurance market that was not being adequately serviced. In response, we negotiated a comprehensive range of insurance products, tailored specifically for dealerships. Since January 1995, in cooperation with the Used Car Dealers Association (UCDA), the result has been a stable, price competitive supply of insurance products for car dealers. A substantial number of dealers now participate in the program.

The program is menu driven. Our staff will work with you to help detail your specific risk features. We will provide insurance options which will enable you to make the best value decisions. Then, it's your choice. Membership in the UCDA provides unique benefits under the Baird MacGregor program. UCDA members that participate in our program enjoy:

  • 5% retroactive claims-free return bonus on the Garage Automobile and Package.
  • Directors’ & Officers’ Liability offering limits of $500,000 and up, subject to a $1,000 deductible.. Annual premiums starting as low as $700.00.
  • Legal Expense limits of $200,000 included with option to increase coverages.
  • Plus other value added benefits that we would like to discuss with you.

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